Erin Kissane is a Brooklyn-based editor and content generalist, and the author of The Elements of Content Strategy. She was formerly editor of A List Apart magazine, editorial director of Happy Cog Studios, and a senior member of Brain Traffic. She blogs sporadically at and is usually on Twitter.

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Here’s What We Got

Beyond these questions of design, digital production, and commerce, the book’s relationship to the world is changing—or perhaps simply resolving into view in a higher resolution.

Homicide Watch is one of those projects that stays in your head. If you tell or edit or assemble stories for a living, it’s also likely to change the way you see the narratives you’re making.

We also have to make sure the stories for a particular feature knit together with stories from all the other features and apps on Facebook. Does this story make sense next to others in the news feed? Does it “feel” like Facebook when you get this story? These are all content strategy questions about framing and dealing with user-generated content.