Melissa Rach (@melissarach) is co-founder of Dialog Studios, a content consultancy, and co-author of Content Strategy for the Web (Second Edition). She has been helping clients solve messy content problems for nearly 20 years. Her methodologies have been taught at several universities and her work has been recognized in books regularly throughout her career. Although she’s worked on all types of enterprise content projects, online content is secretly her favorite.

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Here’s What We Got

With innovation comes the extinction of things that are known, comfortable, and cherished. Case in point: As I write this column surrounded by shelves of beloved books, my Kindle lurks ominously beside me on the table.

During the last year or so, retailers have slammed headfirst into the future of customer communications. Tried-and-true tricks are not working anymore, and there’s no single, clear path forward. Luckily, trends are emerging that most businesses can learn from.

With a constant deluge of new content channels, technologies, and demands, content crises are a fact of life in many organizations. These day-to-day crises aren’t just isolated events—they’re symptoms of a far bigger change: content is now a business asset, and that is rocking the foundations of the business world.