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  1. What kind of archive emerges during an event? What kind of archive seeks to gather items largely already indexed by web crawlers and already accessible—or theoretically accessible—to millions? And what kind of archive includes holdings that may suddenly vanish?

  2. Homicide Watch is one of those projects that stays in your head. If you tell or edit or assemble stories for a living, it’s also likely to change the way you see the narratives you’re making.

  3. Confab 2012 was the second annual content strategy conference hosted by Brain Traffic in Minneapolis, and this year it sold out even earlier than last year.

  4. Our First Principles

    Instead of interviewing one person in this issue, we bring you seven, each focused on three simple questions about the principles that underlie their work.

  5. Argo is a public experiment in developing technical and editorial frameworks for thoughtfully managed topical content projects that don’t require a huge team or a big budget.

  6. We also have to make sure the stories for a particular feature knit together with stories from all the other features and apps on Facebook. Does this story make sense next to others in the news feed? Does it “feel” like Facebook when you get this story? These are all content strategy questions about framing and dealing with user-generated content.